Once you have understood the nature of your dog and the reasons for your dog’s behaviors, we recommend participating in agility training class with your dog.
Agility training involves the handler directing a dog through a variety of obstacles such as walking along a seesaw, climbing an A-frame, jumping poles, navigating a tunnel, and jumping hoops. When the dog and owner master the different obstacles separately they will work toward completing the whole course as quickly and accurately as possible.
Dog agility is a method used to foster respect, understanding, and communication between dog and owner and to stimulate your dog through physical and mental exercise.

Below are a few benefits of agility training:

  1. Agility will give your dog confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and help to fulfill your dog’s natural desires.
    Dogs are instinctual hunters and naturally live very active lives. The agility obstacles will help to fulfill your dog’s natural desires. Completing the obstacles will give your dog confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Building confidence is especially beneficial for dogs prone to anxiety.
  2. Agility teaches control, speed, precision, problem solving, and navigation skills.
    The challenges of the agility course are great exercise for your dog’s body and mind.
  3. Agility is fun for you and your dog.
    As your dog’s leader through the course, you will participate fully in the training. Agility classes are designed so that it takes teamwork between you and your dog in order to complete. It is not only fun to overcome these obstacles with your dog but it is also an effective way to build trust between you and your dog.

Working through agility obstacles with your dog will help to reinforce commands and at the same time, improve the quality of life for both you and your full of life companion.

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