Having an obedient dog does not only make your life easier, but it has enormous benefits for your dog as well! The mental stimulation that obedience training provides is not only fun for your dog, but it helps them to feel more balanced and productive. Think of obedience training as establishing a clear language that both you and your dog understand so that your communication can be effective. When your dog understands commands like Come, Heel, Place, Sit, and Down, you are able to convey to your dog everything you need them to do in a way that makes sense, without either of you becoming frustrated. Obedience should never change your dog’s personality, but instead, it should enhance it because your dog feels more confident and can be included more in your everyday activities. The South Atlanta Dog Wizard Obedience Programs are designed to produce a fully off leash reliable result where your dog understands that all commands are “mandatory” (not “optional”) in all types of situations. We incorporate high distraction training in all programs so that your dog learns to be reliable and consistent with or without distractions. We strive to enhance your relationship with your dog so that you can become a “working team” so that you and your dog can thrive on the structure that obedience creates, which actually equals more freedom for your dog! If you trust your dog to “Come” every time you call him, then you will be able to let him run and play off leash like dogs were designed to do! Dogs love freedom and the ability to explore, but the only way they can be given this freedom is if they are reliable off leash in many different situations (around people, dogs, squirrels, etc…). We will teach you how to incorporate obedience into your everyday routine to provide your dog with plenty of much needed mental stimulation, socialization, and ongoing learning opportunities to keep him engaged.

We can teach our obedience programs at your place or ours.


We are more than happy to come to your house for training lessons whenever appropriate. We will have a series of lessons at your house and then we will meet out at more distracting places to proof the commands. Once you have completed your in home obedience program, you may come to our weekly group lessons for free for the rest of your dog’s life. We also offer unlimited lessons until we reach our goals.


This is an intensive 14 day program where your dog will come and stay with us to do their training, sort of like summer camp! We spend these 14 days teaching your dog all basic commands and then proof them in every possible environment. Your dog will have tons of fun going out to the parks, shopping centers, and being here at our facility with lots of other dogs to interact with. We will also spend time working through any issues that are unique to your dog. At the end of the 14 days, we will bring your dog home and teach you the “language” of the obedience they have learned and coach you as you work with your dog. This is an ideal program for owners who have limited time and also for dogs who have more demanding issues. We will spend every day, ALL day training the obedience and working through issues, so that when your dog comes home, it will be easy for you to maintain the same level of success that we have achieved. You get unlimited follow up lessons so that we can help you to have continued success with your dog once they are home.


Group obedience lessons are included for free in all of our Obedience Training Programs. You will begin coming to our weekly group class once your dog has completed their training program. Theses classes are designed to reinforce the obedience in high distraction settings and provide a forum for continued support for our clients. Class is held in different South Atlanta area locations which are listed weekly in our Events Calendar and we highly encourage people to come as much as they like for the rest of their dog’s life! WE consider our clients part of our Dog Wizard Family and look forward to seeing all of our graduates at Group Class each week!

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