Matt is a very skilled and caring trainer. Our Tara Blu came home so much better and well-behaved. I unhesitantly recommend him to anyone. When Matt did his follow-up visit, Tara Blu was so happy to see him and I think that speaks volumes for his kindness and approach to training. I am 100% satisfied.

Vicki Dunn,

After going to South Atlanta Dog Wizard, our pup, Chloe, is now so much more confident and obedient than we could have imagined. She had a tendency to run off and not come when called. Matt was able to get us in before we made a trip to the beach. Once Chloe completed her training, we were able to spend a ton of off-leash time on the beach and Chloe had a blast jumping in the water and playing with other dogs!! Chloe's training also curbed her tendency to jump on other humans, which has greatly improved our ability to take Chloe to new places. Thank you, Matt! I'm not sure if we would still be sane without your help!!

Devin Nutter,

When I adopted my crazed dog Kelsey back in December of 2013, I had no idea that she would be an outrageously energetic basket case. For months I struggled with trying to break her bad habits in attempt to protect myself, my loved ones, friends and Kelsey herself (because those bad habits included severe play biting that would leave scars, jumping up and nearly knocking people over, chewing on and ripping up things that weren't meant to be chewed or ripped up, and running away very close to a busy street that we live on). I had tried everything - youtube videos and tutorials, training at PetSmart, training books... everything. Nothing worked out and I cannot tell you how many times I would literally bawl over the fact that I might have had to give my precious Kelsey away. I had nowhere else to turn... Until I found Matt! When he first came over to evaluate Kelsey, I warned him over and over that this dog he was about to deal with was a nut job, but he was very calm and confident.

Jamie Pfeifer,

Matt does a wonderful job with the dogs that he trains. We weren't sure what to do with our lab/pit mix puppy that had a tendency to jump on people and bite them in a playful but sometimes too aggressive way. Also, I can't even count the number of shoes, hats, and toys he went through in our house. We were on our last straw- nothing we tried was working. Then we found South Atlanta Dog Wizard, thank goodness. Matt took Luke and in two weeks, he was such a better behaved pup. We've tried to be consistent with the techniques that Matt taught us, and it has been such a joy to see the wonderful dog that Luke is turning into. I can't thank Matt enough for helping Luke to be such a well-loved member of our family. I also love that when we go out of town, Luke can go stay with Matt and I know he's in great hands..and gets some "obedience training tweaks" while he's being boarded!

Beth Tredo,