When I adopted my crazed dog Kelsey back in December of 2013, I had no idea that she would be an outrageously energetic basket case. For months I struggled with trying to break her bad habits in attempt to protect myself, my loved ones, friends and Kelsey herself (because those bad habits included severe play biting that would leave scars, jumping up and nearly knocking people over, chewing on and ripping up things that weren't meant to be chewed or ripped up, and running away very close to a busy street that we live on). I had tried everything - youtube videos and tutorials, training at PetSmart, training books... everything. Nothing worked out and I cannot tell you how many times I would literally bawl over the fact that I might have had to give my precious Kelsey away. I had nowhere else to turn... Until I found Matt! When he first came over to evaluate Kelsey, I warned him over and over that this dog he was about to deal with was a nut job, but he was very calm and confident.

Jamie Pfeifer,